New Music Commission Offer – 2016

Given the tragic times my country is going through, in looking for emergency measures to cover my accumulating debts and to partially compensate for the amount of non-paid work an artist has to do these days, I’ve decided to try something new. Taking advantage of the current devalued state of my country’s national currency and of the natural decrease in demand towards the Summer, until the end of 2016, I’m putting aside ALL current commissions with flexible deadlines for a special offer of commissions of new music at ridiculously low rates.

Help support an emerging composer by making him work! You can commission a short but very cool chamber piece for as little as US$ 35, or a lead sheet for your group for as little as US$ 30.

Sounds good? Check out the rates and full details on the offer here.

You can of course hear my music on my website, SoundCloud or YouTube, and you can see what some of it looks like here.

Looking forward to writing plenty of interesting new music before the year ends!