Ensemble Reconsil – Exploring the World (14-CD box set) (Orlando Records or 0014, Austria, 2015)
Includes the piece cubist dances.

Boulez+ (DVD) (Selo SESC DVDSS 0024/15, Brazil, 2015)
Includes the piece relato de insônia (insomnia report).

On Broadway (Cordelia Records CD 054, UK, 2013)
Includes the piece twelve scenes from a concerto.

Ressonâncias (LAMI 007, Brazil, 2009)
Includes the piece misantrópicos I.

Ibrasotope Vol. 2 cover
Ibrasotope Vol. 2: Música Eletroacústica 2008 (Ibrasotope CS 002, Brazil, 2008)
Includes the piece natureza morta (still life).

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