don’t look now [2014]

Performed by Ensemble Reconsil at the Arnold Schönberg Center in Vienna, Austria, on October 04, 2014.
Performers: Eric Lamb Rummel, bass flute; Katharina Humpel, english horn; Thomas Schön, tenor saxophone; Theresia Schmidinger, bass clarinet; Matthew Gregory, bassoon; Peter Putzer, horn; Kaori Nishii, piano; Bojidara Kouzmanova and Christina Neubauer-Kraushofer, violins; Julia Purgina, viola; Maria Frodl, cello; Nikolaus Feinig, contrabass. Conductor: Roland Freisitzer.

relato de insônia (insomnia report) [2013]
for violin and electronics

Performed by Claudio Cruz. Commissioned by and realized at Studio PANaroma.
Track from the Boulez+ DVD.

cubist dances [2013]

Performed by Ensemble Reconsil at the Vienna Music University on April 17, 2015.
Performers: Eric Lamb, flute/alto flute; Thomas Schön, bass clarinet; Stefan Thurner, trombone; Kaori Nishii, piano; Bojidara Kouzmanova-Vladar, violin; Julia Purgina, viola; Maria Frodl, cello; Maximilian Ölz, contrabass. Conductor: Roland Freisitzer.
Track from the Ensemble Reconsil Exploring the World 14-CD box set.

bajo el suelo (under the ground) [2013]
for baritone saxophone, bass clarinet, trombone and contrabass

performed by Vertixe Sonora Ensemble: Pablo Coello, baritone saxophone; Joaquín Meijide, bass clarinet; Iago Ríos, trombone; Carlos Méndez, contrabass.
edited from rehearsal recordings in Santiago de Compostela, Galicia, Spain, Sep. 2013.

twelve scenes from a concerto [2012]
“alla Zappa” deconstruction of the Allegretto from Bartók’s Piano Concerto #3

deconstructed, arranged, produced, conducted, edited, mixed & further mutilated by Martin Herraiz.
performed by the SP Digital Hell Ensemble with guest musicians: Leonardo Bertolini Labrada, percussion; Liliana Bertolini, flute; Adriana Norat, acoustic bass; Elissa Cassini, violin; Daniel Mendes, cavaquinho & acoustic guitar; Rodolfo Valente, mandolin; Walter Egea, clarinet; Tico d’Godoy, saxophones (soprano, alto & tenor); Gabriel Costa, electric bass; Fred Barley, drums; Michelle Agnes, prepared piano; Martin Herraiz, electric guitar.
included in the CD On Broadway (Cordelia Records CD 054, UK, 2013).

trio para quatro (trio for four) [2009-2012]
for flute, oboe and clarinet (with conductor)

performed by the Camerata Aberta at the SESC Vila Mariana theater in São Paulo on November 19, 2013.
performers: Cássia Carrascoza, flute; Alexandre Ficarelli, oboe; Luis Afonso Montanha, clarinet; Guillaume Bourgogne, conductor.

2 bagatelles for clarinet [2009]

I. prelúdio em vão (prelude in vain); II. perversão (perversion).
performed by Noémi Sallai at the Peter Jay Sharp theater in New York on January 23, 2017, as part of the Focus! festival.

marque-son’s chicken [2009]
by Frank Zappa (arrangement for solo guitar by Martin Herraiz)

premiere by Chato Segerer at the Yellow Snow Festival in Larvik, Norway, on February 10, 2012.

zonder titel [2009]
for flute/piccolo/alto flute, oboe, clarinet/bass clarinet, percussion, piano, viola, cello and contrabass

world premiere by the Nieuw Ensemble at the Korzo5HOOG theater in Den Haag on October 18, 2009.
performers: Margreet Niks, flute, piccolo and alto flute; Ernest Rombout, oboe; Arjan Kappers, clarinet and bass clarinet; John Snijders, piano; Herman Halewijn, percussion; Frank Brakkee, viola; Maartje-Maria den Herder, cello; Dario Calderone, contrabass; Celso Antunes, conductor.

Brazilian premiere by the Camerata Aberta at the SESC Vila Mariana theater in São Paulo on August 09, 2011.
Performers: Sarah Hornsby, flute, piccolo and alto flute; Joel Gisiger, oboe; Luis Afonso Montanha, clarinet and bass clarinet; Lidia Bazarian, piano; Charles Augusto, percussion; Peter Pas, viola; Raiff Dantas, cello; Pedro Gadelha, contrabass; Joel Sachs, conductor.

matrix nº 6, in 7/8 (from “12 matrixes for virtual percussion”) [2003/2009]
4-channel acousmatic

a recent piece from this old cycle of mathematical music, originally conceived in 2003. this is a stereo reduction of the 4-channel original, in which the 12 “virtual percussionists” form a regular dodecagon around the audience. matrix Nº 6 is dedicated to fellow composer and performer Michelle Agnes.

natureza morta (still life) [2008]
2-channel acousmatic

a lo-fi acousmatic piece which deviated from a collaborative project with fellow composer Munha (leader of the excellent instrumental quintet Satanique Samba Trio), to whom it is dedicated.
included in the CD Ibrasotope Vol. 2: Música Eletroacústica 2008 (Ibrasotope CS 002, Brazil, 2008).

misantrópicos I [2008]
for bass clarinet/clarinet, violin, cello and piano

performers: Giuliano Rosas, bass clarinet and clarinet; Eliane Tokeshi, violin; Tecris Rodrigues, cello; Lidia Bazarian, piano; Arthur Rinaldi, conductor.
included in the CD Ressonâncias (LAMI 007, Brazil, 2009). view score

WASTE IT [2008]
for seven percussionists

premiere by the PIAP percussion ensemble in São Paulo on November 07, 2008. this work was commissioned by the ensemble’s director John Boudler and is dedicated to the memory of Frank Zappa (1940-1993).
performers: Leonardo Gorosito, Catarina Percinio, Leonardo Bertolini Labrada, Herivelto Brandino, Sérgio Coutinho, Marcos Matos and Bruno Cabrera; Rafael Alberto, conductor.

in natura luminae 2a & 2b [2005]
2-channel acousmatic

two in a series of miniatures commissioned by a publicity company that shall go unnamed because their clients didn’t approve the music.

13 danzas hedonistas (13 hedonistic dances) [2005]
2-channel acousmatic

this set of dances, lasting between 9 and 127 seconds each, was created improvising on a Korg ER-1 drum machine (aka Electribe). this is a raw, unedited first take.

two acousmatic miniatures [2005]
2-channel acousmatic

I. a eterna reciclagem do si/the eternal recycling of the self

II. migraine impromptu

in natura luminae 1 [2005]
unused semi-instrumental soundtrack

first in a series of miniatures commissioned by a publicity company that shall go unnamed because their clients didn’t approve the music.