eat my cereal [2015]

video: “Ryan Gosling Won’t Eat His Cereal”, by Ryan McHenry.
performers: Sarah Hornsby, piccolo; Luis Afonso Montanha, bass clarinet; Heri Brandino, vibraphone; Tiago Biscaro, violin; Rodrigo Prado, cello; Ricardo Tanganelli, conductor.
winner of the ME Lab 2015 prize (category: music + viral video).

trio para quatro [2009-12]

performed by the Camerata Aberta in São Paulo, Nov. 19, 2013.
performers: Cássia Carrascoza, flute; Alexandre Ficarelli, oboe; Luis Afonso Montanha, clarinet; Guillaume Bourgogne, conductor.
winner of the 2012 Funarte Classical Composition Prize.

five burglar pieces [2012]

2nd piece (performed by Elissa Cassini at Le Poisson Rouge in NYC, Jan. 14, 2013).

1st and 2nd pieces (preview by Elissa Cassini in Rio de Janeiro, Dec. 07, 2012, during the 10th National Composers’ Meeting – ENCUn).

harp fragment from misantrópicos II [2011]

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performed by Olivia Jageurs for her 15 second harp project.

zonder titel [2009]

world premiere by the Nieuw Ensemble at the Korzo5HOOG theater in Den Haag on October 18, 2009.
performers: Margreet Niks, flute, piccolo and alto flute; Ernest Rombout, oboe; Arjan Kappers, clarinet and bass clarinet; John Snijders, piano; Herman Halewijn, percussion; Frank Brakkee, viola; Maartje-Maria den Herder, cello; Dario Calderone, contrabass; Celso Antunes, conductor.

WASTE IT [2008]

premiere by the PIAP percussion ensemble in São Paulo on November 07, 2008.
performers: Leonardo Gorosito, Catarina Percinio, Leonardo Bertolini Labrada, Herivelto Brandino, Sérgio Coutinho, Marcos Matos and Bruno Cabrera; Rafael Alberto, conductor.

um escarro na manhã (a sputum in the morning) [2010]

collage of excerpts from the premiere at the “Conexões Sonoras” (sonic connections) exhibition in São Paulo, June 5, 2010.
performers: Nath Calan, neurotic and vibraphone; Gabriel Costa, suicidal and bass; Martin Herraiz, guitar and electronics; Marcelo Gonçalves, sax; Raissa Gregori, lighting.

natureza morta (still life) [2008]

videopoetry by Mari Rizzo.

title [2007]

premiere by Rafael Alberto in São Paulo, Oct. 12, 2007, during the 5th National Composers’ Meeting – ENCUn (fair performance, good audio).

second performance by Rafael Alberto in São Paulo, Oct. 31, 2007 (excellent performance, bad audio).

a eterna reciclagem do si/the eternal recycling of the self [2005]

experimental video made in 2008 by Alessandro Santana.

far-out Varèse [2004]

improvised by Martin Herraiz on electric guitar (with eventual apparitions by Fred Barley on percussion) in São Paulo, May 7, 2004. the first 50 seconds are a quotation of Edgard Varèse’s Octandre.