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four Zappa pieces [2018]
“Number 6”, “Number 7”, “Number 8”, “Number 9”
by Frank Zappa
arrangements for flute/piccolo/alto flute, clarinet, soprano/alto/tenor saxophone, bassoon, violin/viola, cello, electric bass and percussion. commissioned by ABSTRAI ensemble. duration: ca. 9′.

5 (or 6) Zappa tunes [2016]
“Dancin’ Fool”, “Keep It Greasey”, “Peaches en Regalia”, “Pound for a Brown and Cucamonga”, “Son of Mr. Green Genes”
by Frank Zappa
arrangements for electric ensemble (10 performers). commissioned by Rubens Lopes. duration: ca. 30′-40′.

marque-son’s chicken [2009]
by Frank Zappa
arrangement for solo guitar (acoustic or electric). duration: ca. 2’50”.

cucamonga [2009]
by Frank Zappa
arrangement for wind quintet. duration: ca. 1’15”.

la lugubre gondola I & II [2007]
by Franz Liszt
arrangement for concert band. duration: ca. 12′.

le gibet (2nd movement of Gaspard de la Nuit) [2006]
by Maurice Ravel
arrangement for chamber orchestra (winds+percussion). duration: ca. 6′.

frevo [2000]
by Egberto Gismonti
arrangement for concert band (withdrawn). finalist at the 1st National Contest of Arrangements for Concert Band (Brazil, 2000).