works for small ensembles

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studies of applied pataphysics (sketch for an imaginary opera) [2020]
for alto flute/piccolo, violin, bass clarinet and percussion
commissioned by Baderna Moderna. duration: ca. 10′.

Verfall der Vernunft [2018, rev. 2019]
for soprano (with accessories)/melodica, bass flute/piccolo, bass clarinet/clarinet, piano, violin, viola and cello
commissioned by KulturKontakt Austria. duration: ca. 9′.

waste variations [2018]
for piccolo/flute/alto flute, tenor saxophone, violin and electric guitar
commissioned by Abstrai Ensemble. duration: ca. 14′.

still damper [2016]
for alto flute, cello, contrabass and percussion
dedicated to Sarah Hornsby. duration: ca. 6′.

eat my cereal [2015]
for piccolo, bass clarinet, vibraphone, violin, cello and video
winner of the meLAB 2015 prize. duration: 2′.

don’t look now [2014]
for bass flute, english horn, tenor saxophone, bass clarinet, bassoon, horn, piano, 2 violins, viola, cello and contrabass
commissioned by Ibermúsicas. duration: ca. 7′.

torção (torsion) [2014]
for tenor recorder, melodica, piano and percussion (drumset and marimba)
commissioned by Germina.Cciones Porto Alegre. duration: ca. 7′.

cubist dances [2013]
for flute/alto flute, bass clarinet, trombone, piano, violin, viola, cello and contrabass
commissioned by Roland Freisitzer for the Ensemble Reconsil Exploring The World festival; honorable mention at the 2015-16 Ossia New Music Composition Prize (USA). duration: ca. 10′.

bajo el suelo (under the ground) [2013]
for baritone saxophone, bass clarinet, trombone and contrabass
commissioned by Vertixe Sonora Ensemble (Galicia, Spain). duration: ca. 8’30”.

misantrópicos II [2011]
for alto flute, english horn, bass clarinet, vibraphone, harp, piano, guitar (acoustic or electric), mandolin, violin, viola, cello and contrabass
honorable mention at the 2nd NE/BAM Brazilian Composers’ Competition (Holland). duration: ca. 7′.

zonder titel [2009]
for flute/piccolo/alto flute, oboe, clarinet/bass clarinet, percussion, piano, viola, cello and contrabass
honorable mention at the 1st NE/BAM Brazilian Composers’ Competition (Holland). duration: ca. 7′.

misantrópicos I [2008]
for bass clarinet/clarinet, violin, cello and piano
commissioned for the CD Ressonâncias (LAMI 007, Brazil, 2009). duration: ca. 10′.

WASTE IT [2008, rev. 2010]
for seven percussionists
commissioned by PIAP (Percussion Group of the São Paulo State University). duration: ca. 13′.

tributo ao anonimato (tribute to anonymity) [2007]
for brass quintet
I. fumeuse chorale (pour Solage); II. Bona blues; III. batuque de Webern
duration: ca. 5’40”.

todo papa morre (every pope dies) [2006]
version for clarinet, mandolin, electric guitar, electric bass and piano
duration: ca. 4’30”.

distâncias mínimas (minimum distances) [2006]
for mezzo-soprano, electric guitar and two percussionists
text by Paulo Leminski. duration: ca. 2’50”.

baião de gringo [2005]
version for four flutes and bass flute
dedicated to Hermeto Pascoal. duration: ca. 2’40”.