solos, duos and trios

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misantrópicos II [2011/2020]
reduction for two electric guitars
duration: ca. 7′.

catálogo de obsessões solitárias, volume 2 (catalogue of solitary obsessions) [2020]
for amplified solo bass saxophone
commissioned by Pedro Bittencourt. duration: ca. 10′.

Kranke Zeiten [2019]
for cello and piano
commissioned by Eurico Mathias. duration: ca. 6′.

quartos [2017]
for solo guitar
commissioned by Daniel Mendes. duration: ca. 12′.

two elegies for democracy – 2nd elegie [2017]
for soprano sax, alto sax and baritone sax
commissioned by Jérome Munnier. duration: ca. 8′.

two elegies for democracy – 1st elegie [2017]
for clarinet, alto clarinet and bass clarinet
commissioned by Jérome Munnier. duration: ca. 8′.

oppression [2017]
for solo drum set
commissioned by Jörg Fischer. duration: ca. 1′.

warner duos [2016]
for electric guitar/electric bass and percussion
I. clouds; II. motet; III. bubbles
commissioned by Peter Warner. duration: ca. 4′.

catálogo de obsessões solitárias, volume 1 [2016]
for amplified solo bass flute
duration: ca. 6′.

última curva (last curve) [2016]
for vibraphonist-actress
commissioned by Nath Calan. duration: ca. 12′.

um tango para marcela (a tango for Marcela) [2015]
for female vocal performer with electronics and multimedia ad lib.
commissioned by Marcela Lucatelli. duration: variable (10′ to 15′).

relato de insônia (insomnia report) [2013, rev. 2018]
for solo violin and electronics
commissioned by Studio PanAroma. duration: ca. 13′.

five burglar pieces [2012]
for solo violin
duration: ca. 6’30”.

trio para quatro (trio for four) [2009-2012]
for flute, oboe and clarinet (with conductor)
winning work at Funarte Classical Composition Prize (2012). duration: ca. 7’30”.

invertible/subvertible/pervertible [2011]
for three unspecified melodic instruments
duration: ca. 4’30”. view score

2 bagatelles for clarinet [2009]
for solo clarinet
I. prelude in vain; II. perversion
duration: ca. 6′.

title [2007]
for solo percussion (vibraphone, glockenspiel, 5 temple blocks, chinese cymbal)
dedicated to Rafael Alberto. duration: ca. 3’30”.

2 movements for quarter-tone guitar duo [2006]
for two guitars
I. prólogo (prologue); II. estudo (etude)
duration: ca. 6’30”.

2 rizomas para piano (2 rhizomes for piano) [2004]
for solo piano
duration: ca. 9′.

2 etudes for guitar [2003]
for solo guitar
I. baião; II. homenagem a Morton Feldman (homage to Morton Feldman)
duration: ca. 4′.

outra melodia (another melody) [2002]
for unspecified melodic instrument
duration: ca. 2’50”.